We commit to understanding you and your organisation as fully as we can before we run an intervention. We want to understand your market, your strategy, your business, operational and organisational pressures and the challenging dynamics these are creating. This does not involve expensive diagnostic procedures, it just takes experienced enquiry and listening.

Listening is fundamental to how we operate and is something that we believe passionately makes a major difference to organisational performance and personal well-being. This is where the maturity of our team pays dividends. When you employ Waverley, experience is guaranteed – there are no ‘juniors’ on our projects.

Our reputation is built on the uniqueness and quality of the experience our clients have with Waverley. Drawing on our research and experience, we create a unique learning environment that facilitates deeper learning and stronger, lasting application.

We encourage frank, courageous conversations and dialogue in order to shift paradigms, explore options, confront issues and change behaviour.

We do this in learning and change programmes that are personally and business relevant; through the facilitation of important meetings and strategic conversations at senior levels; through coaching both for individuals and teams.

We help our clients find solutions for themselves and ways to apply learning so that it sticks and change is sustained. We love doing this… our clients tell us that it works.

They often comment on how refreshing and energising our approach is. We help them examine the bigger questions in their working lives, the things that have real meaning and significance for them. 


"Waverley invest time up front to find out what we're all about so that when we are having a solution found for us it is one we have worked up for ourselves, rather than one inflicted on us."               

John Minards, Senior Partner PwC