What we believe shapes the way we work at Waverley with each other and our clients.

We believe:

· Our world needs responsible leaders and leadership to address the important      issues of our times.

· Everyone has the potential to make a positive difference to our world whether        they are a leader or not, given the right environment and the right inspiration.

· When we are appreciative of others and their stories, our own stories take on real   meaning and signficance.

· Success is more than simple performance and growth. It has to do with positive      lasting and wider impact.

· We are all unique. Learning what our talents are and what we stand for are key        steps of our individual journeys. When these are  lived out authentically, we        become powerful agents of change for our communities, organisations and      society.

· Leadership is about creating such an environment, where each of us can be fully      ourselves and engage fully with others around us.

· Learning is a process of extracting wisdom from experience. This enables real           transformation and lasting change.


We believe that all this starts and ends with real and deep listening – to ourselves and to others.

“It’s collaborative. You don’t feel they are trying very hard to sell to you…With Waverley there is genuine interest in trying to help you change and achieve …...”


John Roberts, HR Director, Ford Retail