The Waverley Transitions Programme is a one to one intensive coaching experience over several sessions. We have identified four distinct phases in a great transition. Our research and experience tells us that individuals (and teams) have to go through these phases and many of the component parts in each phase to give themselves a good chance of thriving in the new role or scenario.

There is no prescribed timescale, although much research has settled on the “first 90 or 100 days” as the critical time in the new role. Our approach encourages people to start their transition journey and process ahead of taking up their new role in whatever form that presents itself.

Phase 1 is all about building an awareness of the big picture context, the organisational current reality, enquiry with stakeholders, understanding the requirements of the next position and beginning to surface questions, issues and challenges.

Phase 2 is all about building a personal response and aligning this with the organisation so that individuals can define their contribution and how they are going to outwork the role authentically.

Phase 3 takes people into a stage of experience and application. This could involve developing key skills and techniques that will be needed to succeed. It will also involve the generation of a compelling and inspirational narrative that reflects the individual leader and the organisational realities. Individuals and teams are encouraged to develop full transition plans including milestones and also to consider how to avoid leadership blind spots.

Phase 4 ensures that individuals and teams build mechanisms for sustaining progress and themselves. This will involve coaching and support. It may also include cementing learning through a co-creation process often working with colleagues and senior leaders or wider stakeholder groups to achieve specific goals.

For more details about Coaching through Waverley contact Karen Stefanyszyn, Director, Waverley

“I’ve learnt that it is ok to feel that something is wrong. Most probably this is what anybody else feels as well. It’s a matter of courage to do something about it.”