When we work with a senior team our goal is always to stimulate lasting change in the culture, dynamics and performance of that team.

We are specialists in working with executive boards and senior leadership teams, recognising that the experience of, the aspirations held by, and the pressures on the typical senior executive mean that he or she is looking for something that breaks with the norm.

Our interventions are designed to revitalise the soul and spirit of the team. We believe that anything less would be short lived.

Our approach incorporates an in depth look (individually and collectively) at the key criteria that make up the soul of the team:

Mindset (beliefs & ways of thinking, prevailing strategies & priorities, culture & behaviour, how leadership happens).

Heart (relational dynamics, quality of dialogue, the extent of genuine support and challenge being expressed).

Will (resilience, decision making, capacity to make choices that enhance society as well as the business).

Meanwhile we focus on lifting the spirit of the team (purpose, meaning, hope) by giving them (individually and collectively) opportunities to explore what might really be possible for them when they are operating to their full potential.

We do all this through an integrated process that combines diagnosis, a catalytic workshop and individual leadership coaching, the precise combination of which depends on the specific needs of the team.

This integrated process is designed to engage the team in exploring some fundamental questions:

  • Where am I / where are we? What is really needed of us in our context?
  • What are we aware of but not addressing? What matters most to me / to us / to the business?
  • What are my / our core strengths that underpin our contribution? What is our potential?
  • Where will I / we have to change? How and where will I / we have to engage differently?
  • What is now possible for me / us / the business? What are the actions that I / we will take?

Our Top Team Renewal Process has an impressive track record - whether the team needs to shift from 'good to great' in the way it leads the business (or specific part of the business), whether the team is having to 'rebuild and refresh' after significant change within the team and / or in the wider business, or whether the team isn't really a team at all but a group of senior managers.

For more information please contact Chris Blakeley, Waverley

Revitalising the soul and spirit of senior teams