“The tone from the top” is a much quoted phrase when exploring organisational culture and culture change. So often however, the term is used without the deeper thinking around what it will mean in practice for leaders, their teams and the organisation as a whole. What is clear is that it starts with the top team spending time and investing energy in understanding what role culture has in their organisation and how they can - and perhaps should - influence this.

We help senior teams merge their individual agendas into a common purpose, which they can then pursue with energy, cohesion and clarity. This has a powerful transformational impact on internal relationships, and on members of the workforce, who start to experience a sense of clear direction and messaging from the top. We help people to communicate more openly within the hierarchy and to overcome the corrosive effects of negative behaviour with positive role modelling.

For more details on top team facilitation contact: Chris Blakeley, Director, Waverley

"I think its main effect was to bring the senior leadership team to a new place of engagement… We understood better where each other were coming from, what each other’s strengths were, what our individual red buttons were. The impact of all of that was to unify us as a team which has then really helped the rest of the organisation."

Tim Jeffery, CEO Spurgeons