“My passion is to see leaders and their organisations flourish and grow into the very best they can be.  In an era of increasing complexity and an epidemic of busyness, I love to help leaders make the time and build the habits that help them to focus on what’s  important so they can find the transformational change that will make a lasting difference.”


Tim’s early career was spent in the engineering and project management sectors.  It didn’t take long though for his interest in international development to come to the fore leading Tim to spend many years living and working in Africa and Asia, working for international organisations as a consultant.  His natural flare for strategy and making organisations work saw him move into senior leadership roles in a number of international charities.  For nine years until early 2014, Tim was CEO of national children’s charity Spurgeons, leading at team of up to 700 staff and 500 volunteers.  With his extensive firsthand experience of making organisations work and of the challenges and joys of organisational leadership, in 2014 Tim set out on his own as a leadership consultant.  As a long-standing client of Waverley, Tim was invited to become a Partner and bring his blend of leadership experience, passion and insight – particularly for the voluntary sector.


Tim’s first degree was in Engineering Design at Warwick University.  Ten years later he took a year off and went to Manchester University to gain a Masters in Project Management.  In 2003, he studied part time at University of London for a Postgrad Diploma in Change Management.

Facilitation experience and credentials

Both as a consultant and as a leader, Tim has extensive experience working with individuals, groups and organisations.  He has a recognised flair for strategy, organisational health and developing culture and has a consulting practice in these areas.  An experienced mentor and coach – particularly with CEOs, Tim has a style that is both supportive and challenging.  Throughout his career he has facilitated small groups and teams in a wide variety of settings for leadership development, team building, strategy development, organisational development etc.  Tim has a very personable and engaging style, helping people to feel safe and drawing out the best they have to bring.  Creating ‘space’ for people to really think, to notice what’s really going on and have deep conversations are all important elements of the way Tim works.  Tim is also an accomplished speaker at events of every size with a great ‘presence’ and can facilitate, chair or compere conferences and other large events.

Examples of recent work

Tim has undertaken projects for the British, German and Australian governments and many international organisations.  He has a range of coaching clients in the not-for-profit sector, business community and the Church of England.  Recent consultancy work includes a project with Tearfund’s senior leaders on organisational culture.