Using our frameworks for developing and sustaining high performing teams, we specialise in working with teams at important moments for them. We know that teams are required to take on new members, lose existing members, respond to pressure and challenge whilst delivering results and looking after the well being of members. We also know that leading teams is rewarding, inspiring and at times frustrating.

We help senior teams merge their individual agendas into a common purpose. We help them explore their shared values, their individual and collective talents and how they can communicate and collaborate inside their organisation and externally.

Our work with teams is not focused primarily on team challenges (although we have and do look for creative ways to develop the team’s working practices and this could include expeditions and team challenges) but on having the dialogue and conversations that shift perceptions, challenge assumptions and move things forward. This can include some team diagnostic, observations over time, working with key members and leaders.

As with other coaching, we recommend that team coaching takes place over several months to allow for learning on the job.

For more details about Coaching through Waverley contact Karen Stefanyszyn, Director, Waverley

“Tremendous knowing that there is someone their who can help unlock the key and bounce off ideas on style and approach to certain people issues. I am so much more confident in my own leadership now and give my team more space to perform”.

RP  Senior Manager Hong Kong