"Actors shift behaviours and mannerisms; they scrutinise thoughts and belief systems.  Just as importantly, they identify what cannot be changed and make their unique, essential quality their anchor and their guiding star. I am interested in how the performer’s techniques can be used on any professional stage to bring about extraordinary transformation through increased physical and psychological awareness.  I believe more awareness brings more clarity, more freedom and more authenticity, leading inevitably to more ease, more effectiveness and more influence."


Sasha is a freelance facilitator, presenter and coach with a background in drama and psychology.  She has worked in Education and Business, in both the private and public sectors in organisations as diverse as Barclays, Unilever, Sainsburys, Westminster City Council, Brixton Prison and the Institute for Social Studies. She combines this with a career in acting and has appeared in the West End, for the RSC and on popular TV shows such as Sherlock, New Tricks, Poirot and Jonathan Creek.  Sasha particularly enjoyed playing the psychotic lawyer, Maya, who blew up half of Coronation Street!


BA Hons in Classics from Cambridge University,  Sasha is a certified Coach and has a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling. She has twenty years of experience as an actor working in TV, film and theatre.

Experience and Credentials

Sasha employs a combination of traditional non-directive coaching, backed up by Psychosynthetic therapeutic theory as well as physical games, roleplay, and visualisation where appropriate.  She has worked with groups, presenting and designing material, and more fluidly, on a one to one basis, applying different areas of focus including managing transition, building resilience, deepening client relationships, magnifying personal impact and enhancing leadership skills. 

Examples of Recent Work

In the Education sector, Sasha has delivered learning skills seminars for schools around the country and worked in Prisons for the London Shakespeare Workout, using story and theatre skills in personal development work.  She has worked for the schools’ leadership development company Contender Charlie and for The School for Social Entrepreneurs. In the Business sector, Sasha has designed and delivered workshops on creative behaviours for ?What If! Innovation Partners, working with ?What If!’s clients, including senior executives across the private and public sectors. She has also delivered one to one coaching for clients including Westminster City Council, worked regularly in the NHS, facilitating and coaching, and with a range of clients including global CEOs, as a presenter and coach for Olivier Mythodrama, which use Shakespeare and myth in international business leadership development.