Leadership in business and public life is increasingly under the spotlight and feeling the weight of public critique after years of lack of engagement and incidents where trust and reputation have been lost.

At Waverley, we have developed a response. Our Responsible Leadership model and framework provides individual leaders and organisations with the opportunity to explore their role from a systemic perspective.

Our definition of Responsible Leadership is a mindset backed by behaviours that:

·   Sees the wider system and bigger picture and is intentionally mindful of the                       consequences of decisions in the wider system.

·   Chooses to be morally accountable and act for the greater good in the short and long      term.

·   Cares about others and enabling them to create.

·   Cultivates the right environment for people to flourish.

·   Responds with a 'I can and I will' intent.

We enable individuals to discover their own personal responsible leadership narrative and bring it life effectively in their systems.

The Responsible Leadership module is designed to be a stand-alone leadership intervention over a 6 month period or can be tailored as a module within a broader programme. The programme includes a series of challenging modules, experiential immersion learning, peer research, executive coaching support, applying learning as a tempered radical inside your organisation, creating a legacy and handing on responsibility.

We also work with key thinkers, academics and practitioners to bring Responsible Leadership to life for our clients. 

For more details about our Responsible Leadership module and programme, contact Tim Richardson, Director, Waverley


"There’s a real trustworthiness about Waverley. There is an integrity about what they do and walking the talk, it isn’t just hot air, and there’s an authenticity because they are living it themselves.”

 Tim Jeffery, MD Spurgeon’s Childrens Charity)


The Responsible Leader (e-version)


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