"I really enjoy being at ‘home base’ for Waverley, getting to know our clients and helping them get the best out of what we have to offer.  I’ve always enjoyed being in support roles and helping the wider team to do what they’re best at. There are a lot of small things that make a big difference in this kind of work and I know from the conversations I have with our clients that they really appreciate what I do.”


Penny has been with us pretty much since the beginning, coming to us from an earlier career in Sales and admin.  She is at the centre of all that we do and it will usually be Penny who is the first person that you meet when you contact Waverley.  She has an enormous knack of remembering people, even if she only has contact with you on the phone, and she always makes sure people get individual and personal attention.  We rely on her completely for knowing where everything is, keeping all our administration systems running smoothly and managing our finances.  We couldn’t do without her!

“Penny’s brilliant… we always get things on time, she always pull out the stops for us. Through the whole process, I can honestly say, there is absolutely a polished act.”


Nick Rowe, Punch