Our reputation is built on the uniqueness and quality of the experience our clients have with Waverley. Drawing on our research and experience, we create a unique learning environment that facilitates deeper learning and stronger, lasting application.

The Waverley Way is a guiding map for us:

1.  Create a space where people are welcomed and feel free to connect soul to soul.

2.  Encourage people to explore their reality in its fullness – emotional, physical, spiritual, relational and cognitive – often asking tough questions of themselves and their organisations.

3.  Enable people to identify and release their true strengths and agency through their own narratives.

4.  Enable profound shifts by awakening creativity, adventure, openness, vulnerability, love; cultivating hope and meaning; generating new narratives.

5.  Equipping people with meta skills and the ongoing capacity to sustain responsibility.

“The thing that sets them [Waverley] apart is that they get beneath the surface, beneath the skin. You can’t maintain a veneer as you go through the programme….”

Head of OD, Accolade Wines