Although most of our offerings are tailored to specific organisations in their specific situations, we run a small number of open events designed to provide senior professionals powerful personal learning in a cross-organisational context.

If you are interested in attending one of our open events, please book online here or contact us for more details.

Upcoming dates:

1st Friday Breakfast Club

3rd February 2017  - Networking Breakfast (£25 + VAT). Speaker -  Tim Richardson.

7th April 2017   -   Networking Breakfast (£25 + VAT). Speaker  - Guy Rothwell.

16th June 2017   -   Networking Breakfast (£25 + VAT). Speaker  - Karen Stefanyszyn.

6th October 2017   -   Networking Breakfast (£25 + VAT). Speaker  - Chris Blakeley.

1st December 2017   -   Networking Breakfast (£25 + VAT). Speaker  - to be confirmed.


Focused Leadership

25th & 26th May 2017 part 1, 2nd October 2017 part 2 (£1475 + VAT includes full board).


"The facilitated structures, the practical exercises and your patient listening, in your own different ways, were all inspiring. I left with my questions fully explored and a clear vision for the future.”

Letter from a Managing Partner in a large legal firm