Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it…’             
                                                                                                                      Nelson Mandela

…. for those called to hold  their nerve and steer a steady course
     through turbulent change

This modular learning experience will combine inner work and outer work to develop your poise, presence and authority as a change agent. It comprises an in-depth personal retreat followed by 3 practical modules:

13th - 15th May 2019
9th July 2019
23rd September 2019
7th November 2019
Who is this for?

Those playing a leading role in change, who seek not to get caught up in noise and wasted energy that often accompanies it, but rather to maintain the poise, clarity and presence to focus on the real ‘moments of truth’ that make all the difference.

It will help you to: 

  • Strengthen your practice through creative peer dialogue
  • Hold your vision in the face of resistance and inertia
  • Notice the important things that others may miss
  • Navigate a steady course through the politics
  • Anticipate and mitigate systemic effects 
  • Maintain a clear head, open heart and firm presence
  • Sense when to be patient / demanding of others
  • Bring clarity and wisdom to rapid decision-making
  • Know when to ‘hold on’ and when to ‘let go’
  • Channel and transform the emotional energy
  • Access new responses through discovery learning
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