Many people experience change as something 'done to them' - and are drained of energy and commitment as a result. We help leaders do the opposite - to challenge and engage people in change, however tough it may be. This enables leaders to generate energy and focus in people as they experience change and to revitalise their organisations as a consequence. This ensures they emerge from major change, however difficult, with a profound confidence in their ability to handle further change in the future.

Interventions can take the form of workshops or longer programmes over several months. We structure solutions around established thinking and our own models drawn from our experience and research including our “language of change” framework our “leading well in tough times”. We focus on practical applications, tools and techniques to assist leaders create lasting change rather than a fad or something that will be ripped up soon after implementation.

For more details about leading change solutions contact: Chris Blakeley, Director, Waverley

"There's no question, it was absolutely worth every penny - we've seen the business transformed. And the people in it - not just those on the programme but the people who report to them, and their teams. From a business point of view, I don't think we could have achieved the things we've done without the Waverley programme."

Harvey Smyth, CEO Gondola Group