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This is a creative storytelling retreat for our times...where imagination is more important than knowledge.  In our fast-changing world, leaders in business, society and communities will need to draw on creativity and imagination to inspire others and to differentiate.  This retreat is for those senior executives and emerging talented leaders who recognise this.


Inspirational Storytelling is a 3.5 day retreat (Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime) set in the magical surroundings of a traditional tuscan farmhouse.



Friday 10th July - Monday 13th July (arriving evening of the 9th)

Tuesday 21st July - Friday 24th July (arriving evening of the 20th)


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On 29 May 1919, the unique condition of a solar eclipse enabled astronomers to measure the sun's warping of space-time, and thereby prove Einstein's theory of general relativity.


'I was not surprised when the eclipse confirmed my intuitions,' said Einstein.

'Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.'