Syngenta – Leading Across Boundaries

Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 27,000 employees in some 90 countries dedicated to bringing plant potential to life.


Facing the need to be quicker to market, more innovative and closer their customers on the one hand, whist leveraging global efficiencies on the other, senior leaders in the business saw the need to intervene actively to reduce what they regarded as artificial boundaries and barriers in the business that were impeding flexibility and collaboration. This began with a radical restructuring across the globe to engender greater cross-functional working, but the most important issue was to engender a deep-seated shift in culture and attitudes


Based on innovative research by the Center For Creative Leadership (CCL), Waverley were invited to work in partnership with CCL and the internal Syngenta L&D community to develop and deliver a series of leadership workshops across Europe on the theme of ‘collaborating across boundaries’. Delivered to top teams across several European countries, these workshops are designed to help leaders take the intiative to change the way people are engaging across geographic, functional, demographic and hierarchical boundaries. Using the CCL tools, managers identify key barriers to effective collaboration and are given leadership and dialogue skills to shift mindsets and relational issues that underpin these barriers.


The programme is still in the process of being rolled out but the early signs are hugely encouraging. Managers are finding themselves empowered to address and overcome obstacles that seemed previously an immovable part of the organisational fabric.


This workshop allowed the new executive committee (CCF) to start implementing new ways of working involving leaders from all activities in the group. It set up the foundations to work well together.

It gave them the opportunity to have a breath of air and reflect on how they interact with other.”