PwC – Emerging Leaders in Russia and Eastern Europe


As part of its strategy to improve talent retention, grow a new generation of local leaders and develop a cohesive culture across the Firm, PwC commissioned Waverley to design and deliver an annual ‘Leadership Challenge' programme for some 50 high potential managers from 12 different nations. Another goal was to develop the capability of local L&D staff in the ‘deeper learning’ methodology that we use so that they could run this and other programmes internally in the future.


Waverley designed and led the programme supported by local L&D staff across the regions, creating a faculty of 8-10 people who participated in design, delivery, action learning and coaching interventions. Our solution took the form of a five module, two year programme covering personal, organisational, client and social domains of leadership, supported by practical, collaborative projects.

The programme was heavily oriented to experiential learning, involving the active participation of senior partners and clients, with action learning sets providing the ‘crucible’ for the sharing of experience for profound personal learning conversations.


With the emphasis placed on their responsibilities as high potential leaders today, not tomorrow, the programme rapidly developed a radically different leadership mindset amongst this key community which was seen as critical to a wider process of culture change across the region, creating a substantial increase in local initiative and empowerment. The programme also had a transformational impact on the large community who in one way or another participated as ‘faculty’ on the programme, increasing their skills in self-awareness, listening, facilitation and coaching. The programme is now completely internally run, with occasional support from Waverley.

“I’ve learnt that it is ok to feel that something is wrong. Most probably this is what anybody else feels as well. It’s a matter of courage to do something about it.”


“I noticed that a number of colleagues were becoming more mature and confident during the programme. Also they became more visible in the region (I started hearing their names in various communications of internal initiatives or big market wins).”