HSBC Global Transaction Banking : Releasing Leadership Potential Key Talent Programme

HSBC is one of the world's largest financial services businesses and commissioned one of our Directors and a team to design and deliver a suite of leadership transitions programmes in order to help them build a stronger leadership capability at levels just below Managing Director. These programmes were rolled out globally for people moving into first line manager roles using an internal team of deliverers trained by us. At senior levels, we were commissioned to facilitate programmes across the globe.


One key global function in the bank – Global Transaction Banking – recognized that they had identified over 40 senior managers as key talent around the world and wanted to provide for them a challenging leadership development programme to stretch and prepare them for future key roles across the bank. This would also improve the culture and engagement in the function.


Building on the existing leadership transitions programmes to ensure a consistent message and alignment with new corporate values and messaging, we designed a three phase programme to be run in different locations – New York, Hong Kong and London. Participants completed an innovative qualitative 360 and further individual pre-work ahead of a 3 day intensive workshop. The workshop tackled key themes of authentic and responsible leadership, developing a strategic narrative, building high performance culture and developing personal leadership transitions plans. Using peer co-coaching throughout supported by expert facilitation, participants brought real challenges from their workplace to work on. They also received feedback on insights to reference to their 360.

The third phase was a series of 6 one hour individual coaching sessions with external expert coaches over a period of 6 months. This provided an embedding mechanism and helped participants apply learning and tackle real management and influence challenges.


Over 25% of the participants took on new responsibility in the first 6 months of the programme. Many made significant personal changes to the way they lead and manage. One individual leader changed an aspect of his departmental operation in the Far East as a direct result of the coaching saving over $250k. One Senior Manager was head hunted to move within the bank from the Far East to Brazil and moved successfully and continues to transform the business in this important emerging market. Others continue to lead important projects and focus on their ability to inspire and challenge in order to develop high performing teams.

On coaching and support: “Tremendous and knowing that there is someone their who can help unlock the key and bounce off ideas on style and approach to certain people issues. I am so much more confident in my own leadership now and give my team more space to perform”.

Senior Manager, Hong Kong

On thinking about responsible leadership: "I've never considered myself to have a legacy before. This is the most eye opening piece of leadership development."   

North American Senior Manager, HSBC Bank