G4S is the world’s leading international security solutions group.  It has operations in around 125 countries.  There are over 657,000 employees and is the world’s third-largest private sector company.  Managing careers for its employees is a major focus for G4S. 


G4S is serious about developing its future leaders.   They take time to identify and invest in their Future Leaders across the organisation and regularly tracks individual progress through development centres, coaching and training as well as conventional career review processes.  G4S approached Waverley to partner with them in developing and delivering a residential programme to provide its Future Leaders with the time and opportunity to reflect on their careers to date and how they were developing and expressing their leadership.  This is so important in such a large international company where it can be harder for individuals to be noticed.


Waverley worked with G4S to design a reflective programme that brought together groups of future leaders from across a wide range of countries.  Slowing down and thinking about themselves is counter-intuitive for this group who typically are middle managers immersed in the detail of running significant and busy parts of the organisation.  It was important to help them arrive ready to participate, so we designed a series of exercises to provoke their thinking in the six weeks leading up to the event, we also paid enormous attention to the detail of creating the right environment for the participants to really feel comfortable with examining their inner motivation, values and behaviours.  This personal attention paid off and everyone has entered into the spirit of reflection, learning the arts and habits of journaling, walking, silence and listening to each other which have stood them in good stead ever since.


By the end of each programme each person was able to stand up and deliver a ‘stump’ speech about their leadership vision and direction which came from the heart, full of purpose, conviction and clarity.  This was often in a second language and yet strong and inspirational.  Relationships were built across the organisation, across different business units, across different nationalities, across cultures.  Several people from the earlier programmes are now senior leaders and attribute the roots of their success to the determination and self-awareness they discovered on this programme.

One of the benefits… was the cross-cultural effect of it, that people spent time together from different locations, different cultures, different languages. Built up relationships and shared good practice with each other.”

Mike Clark, L&D Manager, G4S