Accolade Wines – Focus Days For Leaders

A major global wine business, selling some of the world’s best-known brands in over 80 countries, including Australia, the UK, mainland Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and China. Accolade is the largest wine company by volume in the UK and Australia.


During a period of massive change, divestment and the relaunch of the business under the new ‘Accolade’ identity, there was a recognised need to help senior managers ensure they kept themselves centred and focused on the right things. This also involved strengthening relationships and the quality of dialogue amongst the senior management community and making themselves more conscious of their role modelling at a time when they were setting and shaping the culture of the new business.


As part of a wider, systemic development process, Waverley ran ‘Leadership Focus’ events, using 360 feedback and our ‘deeper learning’ reflective practices to help leaders take stock of where they had got to and the develop new intentions about the collective and personal leadership they would provide going forwards.


The events were transformational and represented for most of those involved a ‘turning point’ – a key time together when they stepped back onto the front foot and became much clearer and bolder in both their organisational and their commercial leadership stance - in what is still a very challenging marketplace.

“The Waverley programme was the cherry on the cake of an excellent LDP….the Waverley element was the building on the learning of the other modules.”

“The thing that sets Waverley apart is that they get beneath the surface, beneath the skin. You can’t maintain a veneer as you go through the programme. You have to give of your true self and share your inner thoughts, feelings. It gets to the emotive areas as well as the thinking areas. I don’t want to send people on a leadership programme where they get lectured at. Some of it might stick but it’s not really about behaviour change. Waverley is about behaviour change. It’s essential. Without effecting behaviour change, you’re wasting your money.”

Chris Mace, Head Of OD