This 2 module retreat will transform personal leadership impact and efficiency, enabling you to 'cut through' the noise of organisational life and lead with conviction and natural authority. The first retreat is all about purpose, presence and impact. This enables you to take stock of your priorities, access your personal vision and express these clearly in your relationships and plan. There is then a gap of five months, during which time you pursue your plans (with mentoring from the Waverley team).

The second retreat is all about character, credibility and change. You are challenged to look at ways you learn from your exerience, and to explore the emotional dimension of your leadership. We help you avoid common leadership blind spots, and to reinforce four leadership virtues: resilience, integrity, generosity and courage. This will strengthen your ability to lead challenging change whilst sustaining positive engagement.

Module 1: 5th & 6th June 2019; Module 2: 8th November 2019

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