The word ‘retreat’ reflects the fact that leadership development is as much about ‘inner work’ as about outer expression.

We have been pioneering retreats for over 15 years. These provide a space conducive to a depth of reflection and self insight that is not available in traditional leadership training. People are amazed at the clarity, confidence and inner resourcefulness that they discover through the process. Moreover in these times of ever increasing pressure and busyness, we know that sustaining leadership performance and resilience has never been more important.

We treat leadership as a simple process:

‘Wake up’ - what needs to change in your leadership role and the energy to make it so.

‘Step forward’ into the risk and challenge of saying what needs to be said, doing what needs to be done.

‘Keep going’ with perseverance in the face of opposition, inertia and the unexpected.

Our Leadership Retreats are generally split into two modules, the first dealing with the 'wake up' and 'step forward' elements of the process and the second (usually two or three months later) with 'keep going'. The experience draws on insights from ancient spiritual tradition as well as modern psychology and organisational science, and is founded on original academic research into how leaders really learn during times of intense change.

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We have been running our Leadership Retreats for over five years now with outstanding results. "I left with my questions fully explored and a clearer vision for the future."

Senior Partner in a top Law Firm