When we work with senior people in an organisation, our aim is to provide a safe space for managers and leaders to pause, to reflect on their situation, to explore their own resourcefulness, to identify enablers and blockages within the system (and perhaps their own thinking) and to move forward confidently.

A typical engagement involves six coaching meetings over a period of between six months and a year. We emphasise the engagement process, ensuring that all the key stakeholders in the coaching are properly engaged at the beginning and at the end of the assignment. Sometimes we support the coaching with a one or two day retreat (to deepen ‘self insight' and resourcefulness); unlimited email and telephone support is provided throughout.

This form of bespoke coaching is beneficial to people who are embarking on significant change, taking on intense challenges, seeking to increase their leadership impact, handling difficult relationships, having problems getting to grips with an existing job, or who need to broaden their competence into new areas.

We are often asked by our clients to build in Executive Coaching within the design for Leadership Programmes to embed learning. This is typically supportive of workshops and /or conferences.

For more details about Coaching through Waverley contact Karen Stefanyszyn, Director, Waverley

" I have gained a significant level of confidence which has had a number of benefits for me both personally and professionally. By having the confidence to take more risks, my practice has grown and developed considerably. I have also learnt to recognise and value my strengths – use and celebrate my unique qualities." Partner, Financial Services