At Waverley, we help businesses focus on the relational dimensions of engagement as genuine complements to transactional procedural or process driven regulations. This means moving beyond compliance to real commitment to values and new ways of working. It means finding ways to build trust and respect across the whole organisation, from top to bottom.

In practice:

·   we help businesses explore relational and transformational leadership (rather than         transactional leadership).

·   we advise leaders on how to interpret the wide range of data that they are presented  with and to focus on the primary levers that will  make the biggest difference to engagement for them in their context.

·   we help businesses identify and enact habits and new behaviours that build long          term and durable relationships with clients and internal    teams.

·   we advise on how to build communities of practice that model effective engagement.

·   we coach individuals and groups to review existing relationships and develop new  ones.

Working with a range of tools and techniques, we design and deliver imaginative, participative and challenging workshops, focus groups and simulations. Typically, we design programmes that extend over a series of workshops and include Action Learning so that teams can try out new learning and ways of working, and then share insights.

For more details on Engagement and Relationships contact: Tim Richardson, Director, Waverley

"Many thanks for your excellent support and facilitation. You have a great skill and I know we wouldn't be at the strong position to move forward we are now, without you."

Colonel Mark Cook OBE, Founder Hope and Homes for Children