Consistently successful organisations pay attention to the quality of the future leaders inside their business. They don’t rely on always filling roles from external hires. Instead, they recognise the value of identifying key talent and future leadership potential in people who they already know well and who have bought in to the business and what it stands for.

From our experience, leaders emerge at all levels and at different stages of careers. We can provide solutions for Graduate Development programmes; Targeted Key Talent; Leadership Top 200; C-suite or potential C-suite.

We work with our client organisations to help them design and deliver integrated Emerging Leaders Programmes designed to:

·   inspire, challenge, stretch future leaders, including graduates

·   encourage greater engagement between existing (senior) leaders and future leaders

·   build a pipeline of quality and aligned leaders for key roles

·   enable culture change from the middle layers of a business

·   sustain the organisation’s performance and reputation.

Typically, an Emerging Leaders Programme will comprise a series of modules over say 6-12 months focusing on leading as self, leading teams, being effective in the system, building networks that last, creating a personal brand that is compelling. Often supported by personal coaching, projects and assignments, senior mentoring these programmes are proven to create momentum.

For more details about Emerging Leaders Programmes, please contact: Tim Richardson, Director, Waverley

"It’s been an incredibly cost-effective retention programme…I’ve seen people become much more effective leaders. I’ve seen in a number of them a much greater confidence in what they are doing. They are thinking more holistically"

Chris Mace, Head Of L&D, Constellation Brands.