“Coaching has been described as ‘taking my brain to a health spa and coming out revived and energised.’ I believe professionals at all levels can unlock their potential and become the people and leaders they are created to be through powerful coaching conversations, which provide the environment for individuals to move on, change and develop themselves and their teams.”



Daphne is an Executive Coach and trainer with over 25 years experience in business management, sales and customer service.  Daphne spent 20 years in Outdoor Advertising with Primesight and TDI (now CBS Outdoor) as Senior Vice-President, Sales and Customer Service Director.  She was instrumental in the cultural change when the London Underground and Bus franchises were privatised from Government entity to American sales operation. Daphne relaxes on the hockey pitch or watching cricket.  She is also committed to her local community, building the bridge to employment for excluded teenagers who live on the outer edge of society.

Facilitation Experience

Daphne specialises in communication and influencing skills in demanding commercial environments. She has delivered the Influencing & Negotiation modules and follow-up coaching, on major Leadership Programmes.  She facilitates action learning sets on several other leadership programmes, and has run small group skills sessions with most of her other clients.


A graduate from Corporate Coach U, she is a member of the International Coach Federation, the C.I.P.D. and is President of the South East London Chamber of Commerce.  The author of ‘Network with Confidence’ and ‘Franchising on a Shoestring’ Daphne is also a speaker, facilitator and radio commentator. 

Examples of Recent Work

Southern Water: ‘Rocketing Performance’ leadership programme 

Pizza Express:  Coaching within the marketing function

Zizzi: Leadership programme for senior Ops team as part of major change programme

Bombardier: Facilitating coaches Action Learning Group days

Primesight Ltd: Leadership & Management course based on Action Learning Groups, training & 1:1 coaching  

Working with Daphne has helped us to focus on the important things in our business; given us the skills to identify and shelve the grand but unworkable and unprofitable ideas that drain our resources. Coaching over the years has been one of the key factors that has transformed our business.