Value is co-created.

It is the outcome of collaborative enterprise.

It is formed in and from relationships.


As organisations increasingly understand this leadership is transitioning from hierarchical structures to more flexible, team-centric models that support collaboration and empowerment.

This Programme is uniquely focused on developing the key attributes for effective collaborative leadership in complex, multi-stakeholder environments - to help you understand and 'un-block' the frustrating obstacles to productive engagement with those around us.

Beginning with a 3 day in-depth residential followed by two applied work-based modules, you will follow a pattern of interactive group activities and individual development with expert coaching support, to help you cultivate the self-awareness, skills and vision for confident, purposeful collaborative leadership.

This programme will help you:

•Develop new levels of personal and interpersonal awareness

•Understand and navigate the subtle dynamics of collaborative working

•Anticipate and mitigate conventional barriers to collaborative working

•Increase your personal clarity, presence and calm

•Establish strong, wide channels of connection in which creative flow and progress can happen

•Enjoy a better quality of dialogue with your colleagues

•Hold to your vision and values in the face of resistance, challenge and inertia

•Learn how to exercise wise discernment and discretion – to judge when to be patient and when to be challenging of others and systems



Modules 1, 2 & 3:  Coming Soon


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