Our executive coaching is admired for good reason: it imbues heightened personal awareness, clarity, confidence and a strong sense of purpose. Our distinctive approach to coaching is based on cutting edge research into how leaders really learn during times of change.

Our philosophy and approach to coaching is firstly appreciative and strengths based. We balance discovery on the part of the client with practical advice, challenge and direction from the coach.

Our goal is to help the client shift thinking, behaviour, performance and actions through fresh insight, revelation and knowledge that presents choices for action.

Our coaching is supported by professional supervision and our coaches have huge experience along with professional qualifications in coaching, counselling or organisational behaviour.

When we coach people and teams, we follow accepted best practice guidelines. This ensures complete confidentiality for clients and involves a clearly staged process including contracting formally around an issue, needs or specific questions; using diagnostic tools as needed (we are experienced and qualified using a number of tried and tested tools, questionnaires and processes); ongoing exploration using techniques to aid interpretation of issues and options for progress; and regular reviews of progress to decide on how (and if) to continue.

“We have people who are more confident, when you’re more confident you have more presence and stronger leadership, better decision making…People behaving in a more mature, sophisticated and intelligent way. Understanding people better because when you understand yourself better you understand other people better which means they are able to support and develop their people better. Ultimately that is then stronger leadership.”


Steve Holmes, MD, ASK