Magnox – Leadership Development

Magnox Limited, owned by EnergySolutions, is the management and operations contractor responsible for 10 nuclear sites and one hydroelectric plant in the UK. Under contract to the site owner, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the company is responsible for electricity generation, defueling and decommissioning of assets across its range of sites.


With the business moving from Operating Nuclear Assets to defuelling and decommissioning, it was recognised that a major shift in culture and working practices would be required. This would place significant new demands on leaders who would have to engender much greater flexibility, initiative and cross-functional collaboration, in a climate of extreme vigilance on safety and costs.


Waverley was approached to design and deliver a three-module leadership programme for over 200 leaders at all levels, with supporting telephone coaching, all contributing to a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership. This included sessions on strategy, personal and team leadership, leading cultural change, performance management and coaching.


As well as winning an EEF training award, the programme had a transformational impact on managers, just at a time when they were having to make difficult transitions to leading in a much more complex and uncertain operating environment. Most significant was a step up in personal responsibility at a time when the easy response would have been to ‘keep your head down’. In an evaluation study two years after the programme, 95% of managers reported an improvement in working relationships, 98% an increase in leadership influence and 100% an improvement in management effectiveness.

“I believe I have increased my emotional intelligence and I now challenge more aspects of the organisation than I would have done."

“I don’t know how high we are allowed to go! Definitely in the exceeded category! I’ve spent a lot of time in management development and I’ve never felt we missed anything with this programme. It massively exceeded my expectations.”

“The programme changed the way that I think and I feel better for it…..”

“As a result, I implemented a re-structure of the projects department to improve the interaction and communications…. which helped deliver improved performance.”