Top 10 Law Firm – Coaching case study

An international law firm employing over 5000 employees in some 30 countries across the world.


This non-equity Partner, “S’ was evaluated as being a steady but unlikely to progress to full equity. He was described as having insufficient impact and gravity within the firm. His sales results, feedback from clients, though ok were insufficient to warrant promotion to the next step. At the time when Waverley was asked to provide some coaching support he was increasingly playing junior to a fellow Partner in his group and becoming disillusioned.


Following an initial chemistry meeting between S and Paul, there was agreement to proceed with coaching. This commenced with a 3-way meeting with S, his Boss (Organisational Sponsor) and Paul, to clarify the feedback; establish objectives and outcomes for the coaching; agree expectations of support from the Sponsor & Organisation; deepen the connection and communication between Sponsor and S.

Through the subsequent 2 hour, 1:1 meetings S the coaching challenged and supported S in shifting his game and approach.


As described by the client above, his whole demeanour and confidence shifted. S became increasingly confident to be his own Partner and do it his way. S has increased his market facing activities, networking his way onto an important industry forum, playing in fellow Partners, building his team and his wins and revenues have increased significantly. S is currently going through the promotion for Equity Partner…

" I have gained a significant level of confidence which has had a number of benefits for me both personally and professionally.

By having the confidence to take more risks, my practice has grown and developed considerably.

I have also learnt to recognise and value my strengths – use and celebrate my unique qualities."

Partner, Financial Services