Leading Defence Industry Manufacturer – Culture Change

A research, design and manufacturing organisation operating internationally at the very forefront of technology.


Needing to delivering breakthrough product to extremely challenging deadlines in an extremely constrained budgetary context, this organisation embarked in 2011 on a radical transformation of its operating model and leadership culture, with a particular emphasis on breaking out of organisational siloes that had become entrenched over the years.


Starting with the executive team, we ran a series of catalytic workshops to challenge radically how people viewed their roles as leaders – at a personal level as well as organisational. This created a shift in mindset, with people taking a more integrated view of the business, in personal conviction, with people much clearer about how they made a difference and most importantly in relationships. These catalytic events were followed by 1:1 coaching, action learning and follow-up sessions on ‘leadership conversations’ to sustain the new leadership dialogue and skill people up to be more effective and productive in communication.


It is still early days but there has been an immediate shift in organisational culture, even before major operating changes are implemented. Most noticeable has been the shift in personal ownership and responsibility. Whereas before problems would tend rise to the top, managers at lower levels are taking the initiative to connect and anticipate or address problems before they become issues. Crucial conversations are also happening to ensure cross-functional integration matters are raised and cleared early in design and manufacturing.

“I just read the latest feedback, which is excellent once again. Congratulations! - many thanks for your ongoing support,” MD