Britvic Plc - Corporate transformation

Britvic is one of the leading branded soft drinks businesses in GB. It is the number one supplier of still soft drinks on-premise soft drinks in the UK and  number 2 supplier of carbonated soft drinks. With over 2000 employees, the business sells some 1500 million litres of soft drinks each year


A few years ago, following it’s LSE flotation the Britvic was in difficulties, with management teething troubles, profit warnings, the threat of a hostile takeover from private equity firm Permira and a sharply declining fizzy drinks market. A significant restructuring was implemented, with major changes in business and governance processes. An OD analysis showed that the implementation of strategy was letting them down and that leadership was an issue….


Over a period of 3 years Waverley delivered two core leadership programmes for the top 150 Managers in Britvic, the first focused on vision and inspiration. The second, building on the highly successful foundations of the first, focused on stretching ambition and growing capacity through powerful conversations. The programmes were supported by executive coaching and action learning to embed and sustain momentum.


The impact was profound. Within a year, staff survey ratings of leadership and engagement had increased by 25 percentage points. For 6 years the company consistently outperformed the market and was one of the top performing shares in the FTSE 250. The intervention was featured in 'People Management'. "There is no doubt it has been the most powerful leadership intervention we have every done" says Doug Frost, HR Director.

"I have never seen a development programme have such a profound effect across a whole organisation."

Paul Moody,

CEO Britvic Plc