Aggreko Northern Europe – Team Coaching and Wider Leadership Development


Having grown significantly over the previous 4 years Aggreko Northern Europe’s leadership team were stretched and firefighting with work 2 or 3 levels below their level. Waverley was approached to help the incumbent leaders develop their individual performance and teamwork getting them to work on business rather than being ‘lost in it’


Starting with the Senior Leadership team and subsequently with their teams, over 3 years Waverley designed and delivered a number of interventions aimed at raising awareness about the current dynamic, developing personal responsibility and abilities for leading differently and supporting them lifting their game. This involved a series of workshops, facilitated off-site events and some 1:1 coaching.


Through the intervention the various leaders lifted their performance markedly, lifting the morale and energy across the business, breaking down barriers and growing communication. Some of the organisational silo’s opened up increasing the quality and quantity of sharing kit and best practice, for the benefit of the whole. Performance improved consistently over the period of the intervention and many of the individuals developed now occupy more senior roles in the business.

"Having started this process as a bit of a cynic, it has exceeded my expectations in building confidence and communication amongst the Northern European Leadership."

Robin Richardson, MD