Major public services media business: Top 250 leadership development intervention

A household brand with a global reputation for delivering leading edge quality media and broadcasting services.


As part of a drive to improve collaboration between leadership and management, and develop a stronger culture of accountability, the organization requested a programme that would bring together managers and leaders from across diverse functions to tackle some of the real presenting issues facing the business.


We worked as part of a consortium commissioned to work with the internal leadership academy to research, design and deliver a workshop that could be rolled out across the top 250 managers. The final design was built around the need for internal managers to know more about the bigger picture, know more about the internal workings across the business and be able to engage in tough conversations with the executive board. The content included how to lead with integrity and resilience in turbulent times and also drew on insights from business schools balanced with hard edged contributions from key figures in the industry. The delivery and facilitation was lead by members of the Executive Board and workshops were delivered with around 20 participants at a time. Each workshop focused on dialogue around issues that were real for the business and leaders at the time. Outputs included personal action plans, plans for having tough conversations across teams and working groups to address short and medium term challenges facing the business.


The Executive Board recognized a fresh willingness on the part of participants to step into leadership responsibility and collaborate on tough issues. Participants acknowledged the increased openness of senior leadership and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. The programme also provided insight and data on key talent that could be considered for projects and future important roles.