Chris is a leadership professional with considerable international experience in multiple industries from soft drinks and pharmaceutical manufacturing to e-business and academia. From an early career in engineering he progressed into general management and then into people development. Spring Coaching and Consulting was formed in 2012 with one ethos – to help leaders find theresources they need to create change. Chris is equally at home on the shop floor or in the boardroom. He likes to help people bring a greater depth of meaning and relationship to their work, shifttheir consciousness and cut through complexity.


In industry Chris has fulfilled a number of operational leadership roles. He learned early on that whatpeople are talking about is what gets done. Amongst other things he has:• Led restructures in multi-site operations for established businesses.
• Brought new facilities on line both as a project leader, accountable manager and as a business coach.
• Removed substantial costs from wasteful processes.
• Improved customer service, quality and performance in ailing businesses.

As a consultant and performance coach Chris has a supportive and engaging style that quietly gets tothe heart of a problem to develop meaningful solutions. He often finds himself supporting capable people through transition including:
• Deliver emerging leaders programs for a FTSE top 10 multinational.
• Support School Direct transitioning teachers for Cheshire Leadership and Teaching Alliance.
• Coaching business leaders throughout industry using Transformational Narrative Coaching.
• Running conferences and group facilitation for large leadership populations.
• Support a major Christian Organisation through a change programme.


Chris achieved a first degree in engineering at Bradford University and progressed to become a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engingeering. Latterly he completed post graduate studies atNottingham University in Business. Chris is fascinated with the study of excellence and to that end studied to become a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming trainer and coach.


Alongside developing his business, Chris supports his young family and is also director of Crossroads Retreats, a Christian charity that helps people find energy and direction at difficult moments in their lives.