“My work is about helping people at all levels stay in control of their organisation, rather the organisation taking control of them. To me it’s all about combining pace of action with depth of thought. Unless we are able to access our deeper insights about what really matters and action these with conviction and respect, we end up chasing the system, not leading it”



Chris is the founder of Waverley Learning and is responsible for the leadership development and change management practice.  He has been working as a development consultant since 1989, specialising in the cultural and human aspects of change.  For example one of his first assignments was to advise on the cultural integration issues of the SmithKline Beecham merger.  The continual theme of his work over 20 years has been helping leaders appreciate and handle the human aspects of change – in themselves and others.  Chris is 57 years old, married with 2 children. 


Chris is a trained counsellor and facilitator.  He holds an MSc in Organisational Behaviour  from London University, an MBA from London Business School, and an MA in English from Cambridge University.

Facilitation experience and credentials

Today Chris is working extensively on a range of issues in the area of change and leadership and for a broad range of clients.  He specialises in designing and delivering group interventions that create significant shifts in leadership behaviour, by accessing a deeper level of individual insight and commitment.  His empathetic but probing style helps people unlock their personal vision for change and the resources/relationships available to them to achieve it.  All his work is based on a ‘deeper learning’ methodology derived from original research concerning how leaders really learn from their experience. 

Examples of recent work

PwC: Partner and leadership development in the UK and Europe; emphasis on responsible and authentic leadership

Syngenta: ‘Collaborating Across Boundaries’ – global programme for country leadership teams

Britvic plc: 4-year leadership intervention to achieve radical shift in culture and performance following LSE flotation

Magnox: Postgraduate leadership programme to support leaders in significant structural change process

Other clients have included: Home Office; BG; Police; Ford; Salvation Army; B&Q; Kraft/Cadbury; Balfour Beatty; Bodyshop; Unilever; Gondola Group; Anglican Bishops; Punch Taverns;  GlaxoSmithKline, Southern Water; Nokia; DHL; British Airways

“Chris was able to listen to shop floor team leaders and gain respect from them right up through to the very top……. Every meeting people came away buzzing as a result of it and he was really able to communicate the key messages that absolutely resonated with what we wanted to achieve with the business… At the same time he produced summary information from all the data and put it together into a programme that was able to address all of the issues we’d observed.”


Beccy Pleasant, Magnox