Our key strength is our ability to construct profound learning opportunities to enable our clients to learn powerfully and rapidly in their context. We do this based on insight from research and experience into the way people learn. We combine this with a well-honed strategic sensitivity to the key imperatives facing our clients - as organisations and individuals.

We also recognise that it is unusual for leaders to change their leadership habits as a result of a short one-off programme. Therefore we work with our clients to design interventions that help people learn and make sense of their experience over time and at a deeper level.

Our programmes often run over a several months, and can typically include any of the following: feedback (including 360), self assessment and reflective learning, orientation work, peer coaching, simulations, group discussions and exercises, business projects, action learning, senior sponsorship, presentation, 1:1 coaching. We also bring creativity into our programmes where appropriate, through activities such as storytelling, drama and art. Waverley programmes are stimulating, challenging, fun and enjoyable.

For more details about bespoke leadership development programmes contact: Chris Blakeley, Director, Waverley

“… We definitely shifted the culture, we’ve improved our engagement score by about 20 points in 2.5 years and we put a lot of that down to the Authentic Leadership. We found £6-7 million that the leadership group attributed to stuff that they never would have attempted before.

OD Manager, Major UK Leisure Business